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“mbd and the baba roots”

of The Delmarva Peninsula

original local music

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Rock, reggae, funk, blues, alternative

originals and covers

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Who are we, Delmarva?


Based out of Long Neck and Georgetown Delaware MBD and the Baba Roots writes and performs their own music. They describe their music as Rock, Reggae, Ska, Funk, and Blues. Their performances are filled with fun dance music of their own as well as other great artists you all know and love. “The key is to have fun when we play”,says The Blind Beach Cowboy. “I’m just in it for the women” declares Wyatt “Earp” Jackson. “Fun is what we do” states the Gassman. “We put on a fun show with our own music.” testifies Matthew Bennett Davey.


Vocals, Piano, Harmonica / Matthew Bennett Davey
Guitar, Vocals / "The Blind Blues Beach Cowboy" Keenan Gabbert
Bass Guitar, Vocals / "The Gassman" Currin Gass
Drums, Vocals /The Minister Wyatt "Earp" Jackson




2019 jan. 29th - live lix @ six on ocean 98.1

2019 Feb. 15th - Delmarva Life wboc 16 5pm

2019 Feb. 23rd - Gray Hare Tavern rehoboth4:30pm-7:30pm

2019 Feb. 24th - The pond rehoboth 2pm-5pm

2019 Apr 5th - 3rd Wave BREWING Delmar 7pm-9pm

2019 May10th - Evolution Brewery salisbury 5pm-7pm

2019 May 17th - Gray Hare Tavern rehoboth 8:30-12:30pm

2019 May 25th - Counting House rooftop 6pm-11pm

2019 May 31st - gray hare tavern Rehoboth 4pm-7pm

2019 June 1st - 3rd wave brewing Delmar 7pm-9pm

2019 June 22nd - Irish Eyes Milton 6pm-9pm

2019 aug 3rd - roadie joe’s Salisbury 6pm-10pm

2019 Aug 17th - 3rd wave brewing Delmar 7pm-9pm

2019 Aug 24th - Irish eyes Milton 6pm-9pm

2019 Sept 7th - Private Event Henlopen Beach Pavilion

2019 sept 20th - 3rd wave brewing delmar 7-9pm

2019 Sept 21st - Roadie Joe’s Salisbury 10pm-1pm

2019 Oct 8th - mid south audio recording 7pm-11pm

2019 Oct 18th - 3rd Friday Salisbury 5pm-8pm

2019 Oct 19th - Trader Lees Ocean City 7pm-10pm

2019 Oct 26th - 3rd wave brewing delmar 6pm-10pm

2019 Nov 30th - 3rd wave brewing delmar 6-10pm

2019 dec 28th - 3rd wave brewing delmar 6-10pm


News & Updates

2018 started off slow for us until we picked up a regular gig at Mike’s Crab Trap for the 2018 summer on Saturdays for happy Hour. Over last summer we developed a cool show and established genuine chemistry amongst the band. We were just starting to pick up some more Giggs at the end of that summer when Wyatt broke his hand when a car hit his car from behind in to oncoming traffic. Lucky for all parties nobody was permanently injured. We canceled the shows we had until his full recovery in December 2018.

2019 has been a great year for our band, MBD & the Baba Roots. We started off this year with two great performances. The first was on Ocean 98.1 Live Lixx@6 and the second was for Television on DelmarvaLive Chanel 16. Both of those live shows gave a very real confidence booster for the whole band. We had never played on the radio or TV before so we put a lot of pressure on ourselves. Since both of the Live Shows went well we started to believe in ourselves and each other on a higher level.

Next came a big weekend for us as we were scheduled to debut at The Gray Hare and Pond in Rehoboth for the same weekend. We brought a lot of people we DIDN’T know to both shows and held the crowd with our own music. We’re happy some of the more popular and known venues are starting to notice us.

As a promotion to get more Giggs we began reaching out to as many music venues as we know of to ask them to give us a shot. The promotion is we’ll play the first gigg free and we’re confident you’ll book us after you hear us. That tactic has paid off for us. We picked up Giggs at 3rd Wave Brewery, Evolution Brewing, Roadie Joes, Irish Eyes, Counting House by using this promotion. We’ll continue to use this tactic until we have sure footing in each of the Eastern Shore towns for the high season and the off season. Next we’ll be looking for Giggs in Delmarva from Queenstown and Kent Island to Salisbury to Berlin to O.C. to Lewes and Dover to make a giant horseshoe and then fill in all of the music venues in between.




by Matthew Bennett Davey and the Baba Roots
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